Telephone: 613-532-9159
2300 Princess Street (YGK Combatives Group), Kingston, Ont.

Koketsu Kai - Tiger's Den Martial Arts

COVID-19 Information


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Below is all the information required to restart our indoor training. Please read everything carefully and make sure you fully understand the procedures that have been put in place.

Our first line of defence is you. If you are feeling unwell or sick, please stay home until all symptoms have passed. If you require additional information regarding COVID-19, testing sites, etc. please consult the KFL&A Health Unit web site at

If anything is unclear or you have any questions please contact Shihan Jamie Rickard at or 613-532-9159.


The building shall be entered through our normal entrance, the rear door marked YGK Combatives.

Masks MUST be worn prior to entering and at all times while inside the common areas of the building. Masks may only be removed once in the dojo training area (on the mats).

Once in the lobby you will leave your coat and boots in the coat closet and wait in the the lobby until directed to enter the training area by the instructor. Physical distancing requirements of 6 feet will be in effect in the lobby.

While in the lobby area you will need to fill out the client log prior to training.

Once your instructor indicates that you may enter the training area, you are to use hand sanitizer and then proceed to your designated training location on the mats. Once at your training location you may remove your mask if desired.

It is recommended that masks be worn during general training but not for medium to heavy exercise.


Due to the requirements of the local health unit, classes will be shortened to approximatly 45 minutes. The new class times are now listed on the home page.

Between each 45 minute class there will be a 15 minute sessions where all used equipment and floor mats will be cleaning/sanatized.

After each class, students are required to put on their masks, use hand sanatizer and exit the training area through the designated exit door. If they are done training for the day they must leave the building. If they are staying for another class they may leave the building or wait in the lobby.
Masks are to be worn at all times and a 6 foot physical distance for other students maintained while outside the training area.

A maximum of ten (10) students and one (1) instructor shall be allowed in the training area at any one time.

The physical distancing requirements of 6 feet will be in effect. No deliberate or prolonged contact is permitted with the exception of training partners who are in the same social bubble.

As the classes have been shortened, please come ready to train. Classes will begine promptly at their scheduled times and will only have a light warm-up. If an additional warm-up is required please do so before coming to or entering the building.

The jiu-jitsu classes have now been broken into Beginner and Advanced classes. The Beginner class will focus on yellow and orange belt syllabus. The advanced class will focus on green belt and above. Beginner level students are welcome to attend the advanced classes and advanced students are encouraged to attend the beginner classes.


All facilities are the dojo, change rooms and washrooms, are to be considered closed and are for emergency use only. Please come dressed and ready to train.

Telephone: 613-532-9159
2300 Princess Street (YGK Combatives Group), Kingston, Ont.